2017-11: Analysing CGT relief

taught by Aaron Dunn
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Aaron Dunn
Aaron Dunn
CEO & Co-Founder

About the Instructor

When it comes to self-managed super, professionals, and industry regulators look to Aaron about the latest insights, strategies, trends, issues and opportunities in the sector. It is with this insight that Aaron has been sort out to participate in Government & Regulatory reviews, including the Super System Review (Cooper Review) and the ‘Reinventing the ATO’ program. Aaron is a CPA and SMSF Specialist. As well as CEO and Co-Founder of Smarter SMSF.

Analysing CGT Relief

Confusion still reigns on this topic, so we will cut through the 'noise' and make sure youre applying CGT relief correctly - understanding the key decisions between the segregated and proportionate method when applying CGT relief, what to document, along with tips and traps in resetting cost bases for qualifying CGT assets.

Course Contents

1 Quiz
1 Multimedia
1 Text
1 Audio
1.0 hr